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Last updated: 15th November 2014



What if I have specific questions about the Bangladesh Government Web portal?
For questions, suggestions, feedback or comments on this site, please email at info@bangladesh.gov.bd 


What if I want to know about Government circulars or gazettes?
If you want to know the Government circular or any gazette please go to the link "Notice" on homepage.


What is this Web Portal for?
Bangladesh Government Web Portal aims to provide all updated information about Government services through a one-stop online portal. This is one of the e-Governance initiatives to bring all Government websites and its information under a single roof. As such, the Prime Minister’s Office aims to provide all information about GOB's services to its citizens through this Web Portal.


What types of information the website will provide?
The website will provide information on the most popular citizen services by GoB, the basic information of the structure of Bangladesh Government and other important information and links.