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Last updated: 8th August 2021

Testing Purpuse

I’m not a philologist. So philological, phonetic accuracy, meter-tempo – I know ’em very little. So, searching for those in this writing would be meaningless. I tried to put large word in Bengali, I’m not demanding that the largest. I tried to put some numbers (numerals) so that font rendering can be understood. Tried to put juktakkhôr/juktôbôrnô (consonant conjunct), punctuation marks; … tried to put half matra alphabets, full matra alphabets, matra-less alphabets, vowel marks here and there.

Tried to put all the characters in Bengali in it. But failed – I realized it’d unnecessary to attempt, as it won’t be a touchstone of Bengali language – it’s just a gibberish, or something that’d be helpful in leading Bengali language in typesetting, printing industry or in web design.

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